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SVC-2 (Digital) Voltage Regulator

Intro:SVC-2 single-phase high accuracy full-automatic AC voltage stabilizer is one kind of our dominant products, made up of contact auto voltage regulator, servo motor, automatic control circuit, etc. When the power network voltage fluctuates or the load varies, automaticsampling control circuit will send signal to drive the servo motor which can adjust the position of carbon brush of auto voltage regulator, then, the output voltage will be adjusted to rated value and get a steady start.
Product Introduce


SVC-2 series single-phase high-precision automatic AC voltage stabilizer is composed of contact auto-voltage regulator, servo motor, automatic control circuit, etc. When the grid voltage is unstable or the load changes, the automatic sampling control circuit sends a signal to drive the servo motor to adjust the position of the carbon brush of the auto-voltage regulator, so that the output voltage is adjusted to the rated value and reaches a stable state. This product has the characteristics of undistorted waveform, reliable performance and long-term operation. It has protection functions such as delay, overvoltage and undervoltage. It can be widely used in any place where stable voltage is required, and it is an ideal regulated power supply. Make sure your electrical equipment is functioning properly.

This series of voltage stabilizers are suitable for small and medium-sized electromechanical equipment, production lines, construction machinery, microcomputers, rust, air conditioners, refrigerators, audio, TV and other fields in the fields of industry, agriculture, medical treatment, radio and television, communication, scientific research, culture, etc. Household appliances, lighting and other places that require voltage regulation.

The main technical parameters

Single-phase input voltage160V-250V
Three-phase input voltageLine voltage 277-430V (3P+N+E)
Three-phase output voltageLine voltage 380V (phase voltage 220V)
Delay time41s
Voltage regulation accuracy≤3%

Working frequency


Adjust the time

<1.5s (when the input voltage changes by 10%)
Overvoltage protectionPhase voltage 246V±4V
Efficiency≥ 90%
Waveform distortionNo additional waveform distortion
Load power factor0.8
Electric strength 1500V/1min without breakdown

Insulation resistance


Ambient temperature

-5°C~ +40°C

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