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Future development forecast of dry-type transformers
Time:2022-05-16 Source:Maosheng Electric

Along with the application and promotion of dry-type transformers, its production and processing technology has also been steadily developed. In the future, dry-type transformers will be further developed in the following aspects:

(1) Energy saving and low noise: With the new low-consumption ferrite core, foil winding structure, step iron core joints, ecological environmental protection regulations, the deep level of noise scientific research, and its electronic computer reliability The introduction of new materials such as design, new technologies and new processes, and new technology applications will make future dry-type transformers more environmentally friendly, energy-saving and calmer.

(2) High reliability: improving product quality and reliability will be our perseverance in pursuit of perfection. Carry out a lot of basic research on magnetic field measurement, the whole wave process, pouring and processing technology, network hotspot heating, partial discharge principle, quality assurance period management system and reliability engineering projects, etc., and actively carry out reliability verification to further improve the reliability of dry-type transformers. nature and duration of use.

(3) Verification of environmental protection characteristics: Based on European standard HD464, the weather resistance (C0, C1, C2), natural environment (E0, E1, E2) and fire resistance (F0, F1, F2) of dry-type transformers are carried out. Scientific research and validation of properties.

(4) Large space: from 50-2500kVA power distribution equipment transformers as the leading dry-type transformer manufacturers, to 10000-20005kVA/35kV power engineering transformers, with the continuous increase of urban electricity consumption, substations in urban grid areas are getting deeper and deeper The power engineering transformers of the central power supply system of the residential area with a large space of 35kV will be widely used in load centers such as central urban areas, residential quarters, large and medium-sized factories and mines, etc.

(5) Multi-purpose composition: The development trend from a single transformer to a multi-purpose integral transformer including air cooling, maintenance casing, temperature electronic computer socket, zero-sequence transformer, output power measurement verification, closed busbar and side group outlet.

(6) Multi-industry development trend: from power distribution equipment transformers as the leading role, to power plant transformers, excitation regulator transformers, subway station traction belt rectifier transformers, high-current heating furnace transformers, nuclear power plants, ships and oilfield services Platform and other special transformers and the development trend of multi-functional industries.