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How intelligent is the intelligent transformer?
Time:2022-05-16 Source:Maosheng Electric

 The intelligent component technology of intelligent transformer reflects the intelligence level of intelligent transformer, which is composed of various intelligent electronic devices such as acquisition, measurement, measurement, monitoring, and control. At present, smart substations are mainly realized in two forms. One is a transformed smart substation, where online monitoring is configured near the primary equipment, that is, on-site, and most of the protection is placed in the relay room; the other is a newly built smart substation. , the transformer online monitoring unit and transformer body protection are arranged locally in the transformer intelligent control cabinet. Intelligent transformers are developing in the direction of energy saving, environmental protection, intelligence and integration. On-site digitization of measurement, networked control functions, visualization of status evaluation, and automation of information interaction are the main manifestations of intelligent transformer intelligence. The specific manifestations are as follows: oil level, oil temperature, tap changer position and other parameters related to operation control are realized. On-site digital measurement is realized; the on-load voltage regulating switch realizes the intelligent control based on the substation network; the operation and control status of the smart transformer is evaluated according to the information detected by the sensor, and the evaluation information is converted into visual information; the control center and management system According to the uploaded evaluation information, the coordinated optimal control of transformer condition maintenance and regulation is realized.
        The intelligent transformer has a strong adaptive control ability, which can make self-adaptive adjustment in real time according to the operating conditions and environment, and optimize the process control, and all performance indicators are optimal. Such as on-load voltage regulation adaptive control, load adaptive control, temperature adaptive control, operation adaptive control, system economical operation adaptive control, automatic compensation adaptive control and optimal operation adaptive control. Intelligent transformer online monitoring has the functions of self-testing and diagnosis, covering auxiliary equipment monitoring and body monitoring.
       The monitoring items of intelligent substations mainly include partial discharge monitoring, dissolved gas monitoring in oil, water content monitoring in oil, fiber optic temperature measurement monitoring of windings, gas accumulation monitoring, oil temperature monitoring at the bottom of the main tank, iron core grounding current monitoring, intrusion wave monitoring, Capacitive bushing capacity monitoring, bushing dielectric loss factor monitoring, transformer vibration spectrum detection, transformer acoustic fingerprint monitoring.
       Protection function device monitoring, cooler monitoring, on-load tap-changer monitoring are auxiliary equipment monitoring. The intelligent transformer has the functions of reliable alarm, protection, communication and information exchange. When a fault occurs in the power supply area of the transformer, the fault data can be transmitted to the upper management system and the fault point and fault type can be displayed, providing a basis for the maintenance personnel to quickly locate the fault and arrange maintenance.
      The transformer body, fuse, switchgear, intelligent components, new electronic on-load tap-changer and corresponding auxiliary equipment are integrated into an intelligent combined transformer, which not only has the traditional power transformation function but also integrates forced air cooling, power metering , computer interface and other functions, the intelligent combined transformer runs in the best state in real time.