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How to scrap the unused dry-type transformer?
Time:2022-05-16 Source:Maosheng Electric

With the improvement of productivity and the continuous development of the economy, the speed of replacement of dry-type transformers is relatively fast. The replacement of dry-type transformers is fast, and there are many dry-type transformers that are eliminated. Type transformers are about to be scrapped, but scrapping also has a process, so how to scrap it? What is the meaning of scrapping?

In the process of scrapping dry-type transformers, different types of dry-type transformers formulate different general plans, and adopt different methods within the framework for different dry-type transformers, especially large and extra-large dry-type transformers and use For dry-type transformers with special insulating materials, a special disposal plan should be formulated.

Every scrap treatment plan is based on science, economy is the goal, and environmental protection is the long-term concept, never deviate from the main line of science, economy, and environmental protection, minimize and eliminate waste, minimize pollution and damage to nature, and try our best to make To the recycling of materials and recycling of resources, to promote the healthy and sustainable development of human undertakings.

From local observation and analysis, strengthening the dry-type transformer scrap treatment project can further improve the economic benefits of the dry-type transformer operating unit, and can further expand the service content and time limit of the dry-type transformer manufacturing unit; from the overall observation and analysis, strengthen the dry-type transformer scrap treatment project. , can effectively improve the recovery and regeneration rate of resources, is conducive to the recycling of resources, can reduce environmental pollution and protect the environment, is a manifestation of advocating and practicing green engineering, can enhance the harmony between human and nature, can Extend the mining cycle of essential mineral resources and reduce damage to nature.

Dry-type transformers are a relatively important electrical equipment. The scrapping of dry-type transformers must be carried out in strict accordance with relevant standards, so that dry-type transformers can realize the friendly utilization of resources and the environment! Dry-type transformers are scrapped It must be carried out in accordance with the relevant process, and each department must be strictly managed.